Mom shares hilarious resolutions she didn’t keep after becoming a parent

This TikTok parent shared the resolutions she made before becoming a parent that she didn’t quite manage to keep, and it’s so relatable!

Arpita Sran (@arpitasran) is a TikToker and mom who shares funny parenting videos, along with adorable videos of her toddler daughter. In her bio, Arpita writes, “Life changes after becoming a mum,” and a recent video of her proves just how true those words are! In the hilarious video, Arpita shares some of the resolutions she made about parenting before becoming a mom that she wasn’t able to stick to.

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The video begins with a shot of Arpita standing in her kitchen wearing a black shirt. The mom holds a cup of coffee and stares seriously into the camera. “Before vs. after becoming a parent,” she writes in a caption.

Arpita looks into the camera with a severe expression on her face and shares her first resolution: “There will be no plastic toys in the house,” she says.

Then, the mom cuts to a shot of her in the “present day,” wearing a sweatshirt and leggings, and dumping a container full of her toddler’s plastic toys onto the floor.

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“Zero screen time,” Arpita says, sharing the second resolution. Then, the mom cuts to a shot of her toddler staring up at the TV, a remote control held up to her mouth.

“They will only eat organic meals that I’ve made from scratch,” Arpita says. Then, she cuts to a shot of herself in the “present day,” tearing the plastic wrap off of a container of food.

“Playing outside is food for the child’s soul,” Arpita says, then cuts to a shot of herself in the “present day,” saying, “We can’t go to the park today sweetheart. They’re all shut.” The mom looks into the camera as though caught in a lie.

“I will never badmouth the child’s father in front of them,” Arpita says. Then, cutting to the present day she records herself “telling” her child, “Daddy’s going to do bedtime, okay? Because he’s been on his phone for the last two hours.”

Next, she says, “Emotional blackmail will not be in my parent tool box,” before cutting to herself nowadays, pretending to cry in order to get her daughter to do what she wants.

“I will never use my phone in front of my child,” Arpita promises, then cuts to herself halfheartedly playing with her daughter as she scrolls on her phone. The video ends with Arpita staring at her phone, while shaking a doll at her daughter.

Viewers found Arpita’s video extremely relatable!

“I was the perfect parent… before I became a parent,” one parent wrote.

“I think we’re all the best parents before we actually become parents. That’s why I believe people without children shouldn’t judge parents,” wrote another parent.

“We do what we can to survive!” another TikToker joked.

Arpita might not be keeping all the resolutions she made before becoming a parent, but she’s still doing a great job!

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