New mom shares hilarious story shortly after giving birth: “So I said, ‘I don’t want the baby!'”

This TikToker went to visit her sister who had recently given birth, only to be regaled with the most hilarious birth story imaginable!

TikToker @brokeassfemale got more than she bargained for recently when she went to visit her twin sister in the hospital after she gave birth! The TikToker’s sister shared the story of her birth experience in all its gory and hilarious details, and the story had TikTokers cracking up and racked up more than 11 million views!

The video begins with the TikToker’s sister sitting in a hospital bed wearing a hospital gown. She is already in the middle of the story as the camera begins rolling, and the TikToker listens quietly as her sister shares all of the details of her birth. T

The sister speaks animatedly, telling her sister how the nurses struggled to help her while she was experiencing the pain of contractions. The TikToker begins to laugh, hearing how her sister grabbed and even kicked the nurse in her pain!

Then, the sister recalls how the nurses tried to put her in the elevator. “I’m still having contractions when they get me in the elevator,” she recalls. “But because there’s [so many] nurses plus me, they’re like, ‘The elevator’s overweight! People gotta get off the elevator.’”

Once the nurses brought her into her room, the sister asked for an epidural. “I’m like, ‘Where’s the epidural? Where’s the epidural?’” the sister recalls. “They’re like, ‘Mama, you’re not getting it.’”

Both the TikToker and her sister crack up as the sister recalls how she tried to refuse to have the baby. “I said, ‘I need an epidural,’ and they said, ‘You’re not getting it,’” she recalls. “So I said, ‘I don’t want the baby!’ I’m like, ‘I’d rather have the epidural than the baby right now.’”

The video concludes with the sister hilariously describing the moment she gave birth. “All I know is I felt pain,” she recalls. “And then they just threw the baby on my stomach!”

Viewers loved the story and the TikToker’s hilarious sister!

“This is the best birth story,” one viewer wrote.

“She’s giving me Issa Rae mirror monologue storytelling vibes and I love it,” another viewer commented.

“Love her vibe,” commented another TikToker.

The sister’s birth experience might not have been easy, but at least she had a great sense of humor about it!

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