Mom shares video of husband helping her go #2 after giving birth: ‘It is…mortifying’

Woman's husband helps her go to the bathroom after giving birth

Even in 2023, there are so many stigmas surrounding pregnancy and childbirth—and the only thing that can un-stigmatize both experiences is being open about them. Because a lot of it isn’t all glow and glamor, and sharing our own experiences is what builds community and empowers moms. With all that being said, one mom is going viral for sharing a video of her husband helping her with her first post-birth bowel movement, and honestly, she’s so real for this.

Why? Because pooping after birth is one of those universal experiences of new motherhood in that it’s terrifying and, at times, excruciating for the person who has to do the pooping no matter how you delivered your baby.

Oregon mom Tiffany Remington documented her first post-birth poo in the hospital after giving birth to her second baby, Calvin. The video now has over 7 million views.

“It’s time to poop after birth and for me, it is just as mortifying as birth,” Remington says in the video.

Tiffany can be seen sitting on her hospital toilet seat with her husband Caleb coming in with the assist. She’s already been given the requisite stool softener, and, in the words of Rafiki in The Lion King, “It is time.”

“Ow!” Tiffany yells.

“OK, I think you’re clean,” says Caleb after helping. Bonus points to him for preparing his wife’s postpartum pad and helping with the famous mesh underwear.

“Before any toxic messages roll through, yes i am fully capable of doing this on my own,” Tiffany writes in the caption of the video. “But my husband asked if he can help bc he knows i hate the feeling of being dirty and choose not to wipe due to my tears, inflammation, and comfortability.”

Naturally, the comments section is filled with everyone sharing their thoughts and opinions on what she chose to share on her TikTok account.

“I would love support but this is WAY too much support.”
“Honestly this is amazing … a lot of women go into postpartum not knowing what to expect after giving birth and this is so real!”
“I could never be this comfortable with someone.”
“Couple goals.”
“Why would you record and post this?”
“A man who helps you postpartum is a man to keep.”
“I really love that you show this also. Because no one and I mean no one tells you these parts after having a baby. Hope you have a wonderful recovery.”
“I appreciate your realness more than you’ll ever know!!”

Obviously, people are split on their feelings about this particular content. To me, it feels like one of those things where I can acknowledge that I’d absolutely never publicly post this (I’m solely committed to TikTok lurking only anyway), I can appreciate that this woman did. Because as a lot of comments pointed out, no one really prepares you for this specific experience and it’s always comforting to know it’s kind of a rite of passage (pun not intended, but absolutely leaving it in).

“We share these intimate moments because often times, especially as first time birthers, you don’t know what to expect or what is normal,” Tiffany wrote in the video. “THIS IS NORMAL.”

She tells she knows that for many women, asking for help during vulnerable moments isn’t easy.

“Women don’t have to do everything without help,” she says. “Otherwise, we create unwritten expectations that we can do it all and that’s when we physically, emotionally and spiritually crash.”

A version of this article was published in July 2023. It has been updated.