Moment Alastair Campbell is told to 'shut up' in on-air row over Brexit vote

James Morris

This is the moment Remain campaigner Alastair Campbell is told to “shut up” after repeatedly interrupting a journalist in an on-air row over a second Brexit vote.

The on-air row happened during a debate in which Mr Campbell repeatedly interrupted newspaper columnist Jenni Russell. She was discussing her concerns about a second referendum on Brexit.

As Ms Russell explained her case on BBC’s Newsnight programme, Mr Campbell, Tony Blair’s former press secretary, spoke over her three times.

“That’s not true,” he said at one point. He then twice accused Ms Russell of “talking in cartoons”.

Jenni Russell, right, tells Alastair Campbell, left: 'Shut up' (BBC)

As she continued to speak, Mr Campbell interjected a fourth time, saying: “The way you talk about people…”

Ms Russell finally lost patience with Mr Campbell, shouting: “Alastair! I don’t interrupt you, so could you shut up?”

Mr Campbell tried to justify himself by saying Ms Russell was “talking nonsense”. To which she responded: “That’s exactly the kind of attitude, the kind of arrogance, which is going to destroy the Remain campaign.”

As he continued to protest, Mr Campbell was again told: “Shut up.”