Moment care home worker is reunited with his family after staying away for three months to protect residents during pandemic

Rebecca Speare-Cole
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BBC Breakfast
BBC Breakfast

This is the moment a care home manager is reunited with his family after three months of separation during the coronavirus pandemic.

Chris Dando, the manager of Court House in Cheddar, Somerset, lived apart from his family for 12 weeks along with the other care home staff in order to protect the residents during lockdown.

But on Tuesday morning, he was finally able to reunite with his wife and four-year-old daughter, Edith - a long-awaited moment, which was aired on BBC Breakfast.

In the clip, his family can be seen running towards him before they all embrace.

During the tearful moment he lifts up his daughter and says: "Give me that biggest cuddle. You promised me the biggest squeeze ever didn't you?"

As they all embrace again he said:
As they all embrace again he said:

As they all hug again, he also says: "I love you so much darlings" and "I've missed you so much".

When asked what she missed most about her dad later, Edith said: "Cuddles".

Mr Dando's wife also told the BBC: "It's unbelievable really. In some many ways it feels such a long time - it isn't really very long 12 weeks in the scheme of things - but it feels about 100 weeks."

She then added that it had be very "lonely" in lockdown without him. "It was a really tough time," she said.

It comes as Boris Johnson faces criticism over claiming that "too many" care homes did not properly follow procedures when responding the outbreak.

His comments have since been described by care home providers as "cowardly" and "frankly hugely insulting".

Before Mr Dando was reunited with his family, he praised the other staff who had been separated from their families and address the PM's remarks.

He said: "These guys are testament to how much we do care and what we would do to protect our residents.

"We were lacking on guidance at the beginning and made a lot of the key decisions on our own instinct so that's how it all worked."

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