Moment cheeky seagull was caught shamelessly stealing CAT FOOD in UK

This is the moment a cheeky seagull was caught shamelessly stealing CAT FOOD -- having helped himself to the free meals for weeks. Footage shows the shameless bird pecking away at the food bowl in the kitchen having crept in just moments earlier. Onlooker Kathy Oxenham, 59, whipped out her phone to film the brazen pest -- which she thinks has been the culprit of pet Ziggy's stolen food for months. Kathy, 59, from Exeter, Devon, said: "I was a bit gobsmacked to be honest "I just here there for a couple of minutes just to watch him, thinking 'there's a seagull in my kitchen'. "We've had a problem with missing cat food and the dish going empty, and we thought it was one of the cats up the road. "We had a suspicion it might be a seagull, but didn't really think it would come in the house. Filmed on 10th July 2021

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