This is the moment a delivery driver appears to dump parcels on a roadside - which were meant as Christmas gifts

This is the moment a Yodel delivery driver appears to dump parcels on a roadside - which were meant as Christmas gifts. Footage filmed on December 17 shows a white van man pulling up to a kerb in Lewisham, south-east London. He then gets out of his vehicle and seemingly checks to see if the coast is clear - before discarding the goods. The incident - which took place at just before 8am - was caught on the CCTV of a nearby house. The owner, who asked to remain anonymous, said: "I noticed a package near my front door. "I checked my CCTV and realised this delivery guy had pulled over, tried to sort out his van - and decided not to deliver this package. "When he realised nobody was looking he put it on the floor and drove away. It's not even the right road for those packages. He's just dropped them somewhere." The resident also claimed that driver tried to remove part of the packaging so the delivery company - named as Yodel - could not be identified. But this meant the inside of the goods were visible, and they added: "It's Christmas thank you gifts for workers from a company. "I hate those delivery companies that don't deliver. Exposing them helps improve the service - hopefully." A Yodel spokesperson said: "The safe delivery of parcels is our number one priority and this behaviour clearly does not meet the strict protocols we set for all of our drivers. "We are in direct communication with the driver concerned to ascertain full details of the incident."

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