Moment gang feud descends into knife fight in Selfridges’ menswear

Shocking footage of a double stabbing in Selfridges has been released for the first time, capturing the moment a gang postcode war descended into violence in front of shoppers.

Members of the public ran for safety when rival gangs brawled in the menswear department of the flagship Oxford Street store, leaving two men in hospital with knife wounds.

CCTV of the incident in January has been obtained for the first time by the Evening Standard, showing how a chance encounter in the store between rivals from different postcodes swiftly turned to chaos.

University student Guystone Henriet, 19, has been sentenced to two-and-a-half years over the incident, after he was caught on camera charging at rivals with a knife in his hand.

Henriet, wearing a mask over his face, is seen slashing at victims Tyrll Lacroix and Harun Seedat.

The civil engineering student at Brighton University was identified as the attacker by his mobile phone, which was tracked from Oxford Street back to his family home in north London.

Sentencing him at Southwark crown court, Judge Adam Hiddleston told Henriet: “This attack was so violent, involving you brandishing and stabbing with a knife in full view of no doubt terrified members of the public.

“Those people must have been horrified and frightened by what they observed, not to mention terrified that they — ordinary shoppers — might have been caught up in it, injured, or even worse.”

Kate Parker, prosecuting, said the two victims were with friends in Selfridges at around 6.15pm when Henriet and his friends arrived. Defence barrister Donal Lawler said a postcode dispute involving Mr Lacroix and Henriet’s older brother caused the animosity that day. Ms Parker said Mr Lacroix and Mr Seedat were surrounded and blocked from leaving, before an “animated” discussion started between the rival groups. “At one stage it looks as though the two groups are going to part ways,” she said. “As Mr Lacroix and Mr Seedat’s group retreat, they are pursued by the defendant and his friends.

“The defendant brings out a knife from his pocket and charges towards Mr Lacroix, who trips over a footstool. The defendant slashes towards him with the knife and a brawl breaks out.

“Mr Seedat intervenes to try to defend Mr Lacroix from the defendant, and he himself becomes the target.

“The defendant slashes the knife towards Mr Seedat and then returns for a second attempt at Mr Lacroix. Mr Lacroix is on his back. You can see the defendant lifting up his arm and making a stabbing movement towards Mr Lacroix no less than four times.”

The court heard Mr Seedat was stabbed in the left thigh while Mr Lacroix — who had also been carrying a knife in his bag — suffered wounds to his leg and arm.

Henriet hopes to continue his civil engineering studies in prison. He pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding and having an offensive weapon.