The moment hot air balloon misses target and lands in HOUSING ESTATE in UK

The yellow and blue balloon aimed to fly high above the houses in Wordsley in the West Midlands on Wednesday night (16/06). But due to strong winds, the balloon's pilot decided to make the landing early and a field behind Swanfield Road and Harrison Road was the largest spot available. The video was captured by Richard Bagley, 47, who lives on the Hawbush Estate and witnessed the aircraft's descent at about 9pm with his partner Nathalie Rich, 46. Dad-of-three Richard said: "I was on my computer and then my partner ran in and said 'have a look, quick!' "I ran in and got my phone and started filming - I'm 47 and I've never seen anything like that. "I was very shocked, I didn't know it was a planned landing and, as far as I'm concerned, it seemed to come down very fast!"

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