This is the moment metal detectorists looking for a mate's wedding ring discover haul of gold coins worth at least 100k

This is the moment a metal detectorist looking for a mate's lost wedding ring discovered a haul of gold coins worth an estimated £100,000. Paul Raynard, 44, screamed "'there's millions - this is the moment we dreamed of!" to best pal Michael Gwynne, 52, when he realised the scale of the find. The businessman from Keighley, Yorks., "broke down in tears" when he stumbled across his very own pot of gold - a cluster of 84 coins in a field near Ballycastle, Northern Ireland. Stunned Paul and Michael found the coins - dating back to the 1500s - whilst looking for a farmer's wedding ring he'd lost in his field. This video was filmed October 29th 2019.

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