This is the moment a mum caught her mischievous twin toddlers covering the kitchen floor in FISH FINGERS and sugar

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This is the hilarious moment a horrified mum caught her mischievous twin toddlers covering her kitchen floor in an unusual pairing - of FISH FINGERS and sugar.

Mum-of-four Gemma Innes, 37, only turned her back for a minute but the playful twins managed to ransack the cupboards and freezer.

Cheeky twins Archie and Jacob, two, wasted no time in decorating the kitchen floor with fish fingers and sugar on March 22.

A hilarious video shows the moment that Gemma catches the naughty duo playing with an entire bag of sugar and a box of frozen fish fingers.

Hotel receptionist Gemma, from Measham, Leicestershire, said: "When I turned around and saw they had closed the kitchen door, I knew they were up to no good.

"My first reaction was shock and horror - followed by confusion, as I thought to myself 'why would you choose sugar and frozen fish fingers, of everything in the kitchen'?

"They'd actually had to go into the freezer and pull the fish fingers from the box, then stand on a chair to get the sugar from the counter - they knew exactly what they were doing!"

She described how her youngest sons operate as a 'tag team' to create maximum mischief in her household - and that they even plan their adventures in a secret code language so she never knows what to expect.

The two-year-olds, led by ringleader Jacob, had also recently emptied a full bin down the toilet, and butchered the lawn in the back garden after they attempted to dig it up with toy diggers.

She said: "I do my best to keep an eye on them, but they always seem to slip away - and when I hear giggling behind a closed door I know to expect the worst.

"I found it amusing that they'd specifically chosen sugar and fish fingers from everything in the kitchen which felt very random.

"But I didn't enjoy it when I was still finding sugar on the floor days later."

Gemma said she called husband Marc Innes, 36, to tell him what had happened - but hilariously, the firefighter dad was more concerned that there would be no sugar for his cereal tomorrow.

She said: "I couldn't believe it - I spent the whole day hoovering and sweeping, for Marc to then ask if I was going to the shop to buy more sugar!"