Moment rare 'comet' is spotted flying over Staffordshire town

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This is the moment a rare 'comet' was spotted shooting through the sky above a Staffordshire town. 

Footage shows a bright orange light slowly blazing through the morning sky.

Eyewitness Leanne Smith, 36, recorded the moment while drinking her morning coffee in front of the TV last week.  

She claims the speed at which the fireball-like phenomena was moving through the sky rules out the possibility of it being a commercial aeroplane. 

Hair technician Leanne, from Tamworth, Staffordshire, said: "It was just a really weird spot. 

"I was watching the TV with a cuppa and I just caught a glimpse of this bright light in the sky. 

"I recorded two videos, one at 8:07am and one at 8:10am.

"Had it been a plane I wouldn't have been able to record it for three whole minutes in basically the same position.

"It was going really slow and it seemed too orange to be an aeroplane. 

"I got my phone out so I could record it as my Samsung has a telescopic camera. 

"I was outside for a few minutes and it just kept getting lighter.

"About half an hour later I took pictures of a plane flying in the sky just for my own clarification and so I could compare and be 110 per cent right. 

"It was just so crazy. I don't think I'll ever see anything like that again. 

"It was out of this world."

The video was taken 22 January 2021.