Moment rescue crews save 'drunk' man who fell into the sea in China

This is the dramatic moment rescuers save a drunk 50-year-old man who accidentally fell off the dock into the water and remained adrift for more than three hours. A fishing crew spotted the unnamed man being carried by the waves seemingly unconscious and barely keeping his head above the water a few miles from the coast in Qingdao, in eastern China, at around 8:00am on September 17. They were unable to rescue him and immediately called for help. Upon receiving the distress call, the rescue team dispatched two rescue boats and conducted a search in the area where the man was last seen. Around noon, at a location approximately 1.2 miles from the Shilaoren coastline, rescuers discovered the man floating on the sea surface. He was reportedly facing upwards with his feet pointing downwards, lying on his back in the water. Rescuers rushed over to his aid and pulled him out of the sea in a critical condition. They immediately performed CPR as the man was having difficulty breathing. Shortly afterward, the man slowly regained consciousness. As soon as they reached the shore, medical personnel were on the scene. Paramedics took over from there and transported him to an ambulance for further treatment. The man is since reported to be out of danger. Afterwards, it was learned that the man had been drinking and accidentally lost his footing. He tried to swim back to shore but exhausted all his energy and wound up floating for more than three hours.