'Freakin' amazing!' Spectacular waterspout captured on film as tropical storms threaten Florida

Rebecca Lewis

This is the spectacular moment a waterspout formed in Tampa Bay, Florida, as severe storms threatened the area.

In the two minute video, cameraman Kevin Glover managed to capture the ominous black cloud hovering over choppy waters in America's "sunshine state".

Kevin and an anonymous friend witnessed the incredible moment on a kayak, mere metres from the waterspout as the thin funnel of water formed.

The natural phenomenon starts slow, but one minute into the video a funnel cloud can be clearly seen forming and slowly reaching the black cloud overhead.

As the two clouds connect and spray is whipped around the area by the strong winds, Kevin says "That is freakin' amazing."

According to the Tampa Bay Times, the waterspout moved onto land and damaged several houses before disbanding.

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Most waterspouts, formed during severe thunderstorms, remain off coast but can occasionally strike land and cause widespread devastation.

Tropical storm Chantal, which is currently affecting the Caribbean, is threatening nearby Florida.