Moment wild lioness scales family garden wall with pet Rottweiler in mouth

A family has spoken of their shock after a lioness invaded their gated home and killed their dog in under 10 minutes.

During the horrific attack captured on CCTV a wandering lioness scaled the family's garden walls in Kenya and emerged minutes later with the 75kg Rottweiler dog between its teeth.

Pawprints were left on the walls, the Mirror reports.

Footage shows the queen of the jungle walking away with the helpless pet in its jaws - while the owners were at home.

A worker at the compound told how he'd tried to scare off the animal with a machete.

The dog, Jaci, along with her mate, Laser, had been part of the Wamai family for nearly two years.

Sylvia Wamai said the devastated family had not idea what had happened. She told the the BBC: "It didn’t even take 10 minutes. Just like that, we lost our dog."

"We were shocked, because we were outside looking for our dog and the lioness was just a few meters away from the gate."

Joshua Isigi, a worker at the family compound, claimed he came face to face with the dangerous animal. He said: "I picked up a machete and scraped it against some iron sheets to scare her off."

The family's gated property is close to a national park, which is home to a range of wildlife that can commonly be seen around. But it's said to be extremely rare for them to invade local homes in the area.

Sylvia said: "It’s hard to give one dog love and then remember the other was taken, and it wasn’t a normal death. It was something that just shocked us out of nowhere. It’s just sad."

Local authorities say they are addressing the issue, reports BBC.

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