Moment window falls inches away from son, 25, helping father with groceries in Hackney

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Moment window falls inches away from son, 25, helping father with groceries in Hackney

This is the shocking moment a man helping his elderly father home with groceries comes within seconds of death after a window fell 40 feet sending glass flying just behind him.

The 25-year-old is seen on doorbell camera footage following his father through the front door of their family home in Clarence Road, Hackney on Monday at 4.30pm.

Then moments later their entire bedroom window on the third storey of their house comes crashing down just seconds behind him.

The family, who have lived in the Peabody house since 2004, had been trying to get the window fixed for more than a month, they claimed.

The man’s elder brother Mohammed says his sibling is now suffering from anxiety and PTSD after the close shave.

The bedroom window on the third floor where the glass fell from (@mk5vv)
The bedroom window on the third floor where the glass fell from (@mk5vv)

He told the Standard: “A few seconds from where my brother was standing, the window fell. I keep thinking if he was 2-3 seconds late the window would’ve killed him.

“My brother was very lucky he just missed that. But we’re all scared now. I’ve seen comments on social media about people who recognised our road and said they won’t be walking on this side anymore.”

Mohammed claims he first made a complaint to the Peabody Trust, who manage his home, about the third storey window slipping out of its frame on August 31.

He claims they sent finally round a builder three weeks later who took photos but left it hanging open.

He said: “After a few days, the glass shifted even more from its frame, I called them back again stating that this should be fixed ASAP as anytime soon the window will collapse injuring or killing someone walking by.

“They didn’t take me seriously and gave me another date for October 12 for another contractor to come out and see.”

Just days later the whole window came crashing down.

He added: “I just want Peabody to fix all the windows and with the neighbour’s windows too and some sort of compensation for my brother.”

A Peabody Trust spokesperson said: “This is a serious incident which should not have happened.

“The footage is very distressing and we are relieved and thankful that no-one was hurt. We have launched a full investigation into this with our contractor who was managing the repair on our behalf.

“Repairs flagged as an emergency are always dealt with on the same day and we need to establish why this particular repair was not considered to be an emergency at any point.

“Our teams are supporting residents and will inspect all windows as part of the investigation, and we are notifying the relevant authorities about the incident. We will take all necessary steps to make sure this does not happen again. We understand people will be concerned and will want detailed answers from us which we’ll be able to do following a full review of all of the circumstances.”

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