Mom's Helping Hand at Stable Ends With Faceplant Into Manure Pile

Essex woman Molly Wise brings her three-year-old daughter to a local stable each week to ride a pony. However, the pair’s recent trip ended for Molly with rather a mucky illustration of the old proverb “no good deed goes unpunished.”

Wise told Storyful that, after she and her daughter had mucked out her pony’s stable, she felt sufficiently emboldened to offer “to help another horse owner to dispose of her horse muck”.

Video taken by Wise’s mother, Linda, shows the disastrous result, as she struggles with a wheelbarrow in the mud, before falling face first into the load, then toppling it onto herself.

Linda’s words of encouragement soon dissolve into laughter, as the unsuitably attired Molly’s struggles end in disaster.

Molly Wise told Storyful her mother had come along “as she likes to watch my daughter ride.” She went on: “When I was getting the barrow to the muck heap, she thought it would be funny to film me as she thought I was going to fall over. I know I wasn’t dressed for the occasion [with] my lovely Tommy Hilfiger coat, but I wasn’t expecting to face plant poo!” Credit: Linda Wise via Storyful