Monday morning UK news briefing: Covid booster jabs start next month

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Monday morning UK news briefing
Monday morning UK news briefing

Roll up for the rollout. Booster vaccines are to be offered to 32 million Britons starting early next month.

Amid fears that the efficacy of the Covid vaccines may begin to decline, The Telegraph can disclose ministers are planning to deliver an average of almost 2.5m third doses a week starting in the first week of September.

Pharmacies will be at the forefront of the vaccine programme so that GPs and other NHS staff can focus on the growing backlog of patients waiting for other treatments.

All adults aged 50 and over, as well as the immunosuppressed, will be offered the booster jabs. The campaign could start as soon as Sept 6, which would lead to the rollout being completed by early December if it goes to plan.

Deputy Political Editor Lucy Fisher writes that proposals have been drawn up for the Covid-19 vaccine to be co-administered alongside the flu jab, with one injection in each arm mooted.

A patient receives a dose of the Pfizer vaccine at the Central Middlesex Hospital yesterday - Reuters
A patient receives a dose of the Pfizer vaccine at the Central Middlesex Hospital yesterday - Reuters

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson is under growing pressure from the Cabinet to ease travel restrictions - amid fears an amber watchlist for European countries could wreck summer holidays.

The Government is due to update the traffic light list on Thursday, setting the rules for August.

Seventeen countries could join the green list. But there are threats to create a new category that could see nations moved at short notice to red, which entails 10 days' hotel quarantine upon return to the UK.

Under a new rule that came into effect at 4am today, double-jabbed US and EU travellers do not need to quarantine on arrival into England.

See a simple guide to which countries are open to UK travellers.

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Samaritans volunteers 'had sex with vulnerable callers'

Samaritans volunteers abused their position of trust by having sex with vulnerable callers, The Telegraph understands, prompting the charity to "listen in" to conversations for the first time. It is believed to include volunteers meeting callers for inappropriate relationships. There is understood to have been a "specific demographic" of some "middle-aged men" who were abusing female callers. The incidents prompted a mass overhaul of policies announced to local branches of the charity, which provides a helpline service for people in emotional distress.

Do 'rainbow babies' like Carrie's help deal with loss?

In announcing her latest pregnancy, the Prime Minister's wife Carrie Johnson dubbed it a "rainbow" baby after having experienced a miscarriage earlier this year. Marina Fogle, who is "thankful every day for the army of honest women like Carrie who share their stories", writes what it feels like to have a baby after a loss - and asks if the term helps.

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