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Society of Photographers Monochrome photo competition

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco – Eric, 61, a retired teacher from Welwyn in Herts said: “It was taken on a motorbike roadtrip with friends, so I was travelling light. The camera was a relatively basic point and click, a Sony which I’d had for about 10 years. The photo was taken from the ferry across the bay to San Sausalito but I suppose it just proves it’s ‘right time, right place’ so often with photography.” Source: Eric Browett / SWNS

Monochrome magic: Black and white photo contest's stunning entries

They may take inspiration from a different era, but these magical monochrome images show the art of black and white photography is very much alive.

The Society of Photographers Monochrome photo competition attracted eye-catching entries across a variety of genres.

The winning image – an atmospheric shot of a sailboat near San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge – was taken by British photographer Eric Browett.

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