Monster sinkhole in Japan that was filled in 48 hours is sinking again

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Fukuoka sinkhole
Fukuoka sinkhole

A huge sinkhole in Japan that hit the headlines when it was filled in after just 48 hours has started to sink again.

Workers in the city of Fukuoka were only recently praised for their speed for filling in the hole, that reopened two days after the monster hole engulfed the road near JR Hakata railway station.

However, government officials now say the road has sunk by approximately 7cm across an area of 30 square metres.

Speedy: Officials fixed the original sinkhole quickly (AP)
Speedy: Officials fixed the original sinkhole quickly (AP)

They are blaming the mix of soil and cement used to fill the original sinkhole compressing a layer of soil sitting underneath.

Fortunately the movement was expected but it hasn’t stopped Fukuoka mayor Soichiro Takashima posting an apology on his Facebook page for not warning residents about the ground movement.

The original sinkhole grew bigger in size than an Olympic swimming pool and resulted in power and water supplies being cut in parts of the city.

No one was injured during the incident.

Top pic: AP

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