Montenegin Opposition Parties Back Protests, Sign Pledge to Fight Government

All 39 opposition members of Montenegro’s parliament united with protesters in Podgorica on March 30, signing a document as a pledge to fight President Milo Dukanović and his government, which they view as undemocratic, Balkan Insight reported.

This video shows demonstrators chanting slogans and carrying lit flares as they marched across Podgorica’s Millennium Bridge. Other footage shows riot police closely observing the march.

The protests, organized by the “Odupri Se” movement, garnered the signatures of the 39 MPs for a document called the “Agreement for the Future.” The agreement reportedly laid out the movement’s agenda and called for the resignation of the president, prime minister, and state legal officers, as part of a reform and anti-corruption effort. Credit: @oduprisecg via Storyful