Montreal Canadiens make changes to ice surface at Bell Centre

Changes are being made to the ice at the Bell Centre. (Photo by Charles Laberge/Getty Images)

It seems that the Montreal Canadiens are trying their hand at anything to help shake up the way things have been going lately.

After sporting duo logos at centre ice since the times of the Montreal Forum, the Canadiens are scrapping the traditional look in favour of one massive logo at the middle of the ice surface.

It is always a little jarring when a team like the Canadiens makes any type of change. The club has been so rooted in its history, but with the Habs currently going through a 25-year Stanley Cup drought and only one playoff appearance in the past three years, shaking things isn’t such a bad idea.

For those that can’t remember what the double logo configuration at centre ice looked like, here is a picture of the old setup.

Sure, this is quite the change for the team, but fans will be expecting far more from their franchise. With the local news outlet, the Montreal Gazette, calling for fan protests until some substantial alterations are made to the Habs, supporters will need more than just a new decal at centre ice to get excited about Canadiens hockey for the upcoming season.