Moody Millennial Moms: how chores like cleaning dishes are significantly contributing to their stress

Messy kitchens are leaving millennial moms anxious and moody, according to new research. A poll of 2,000 millennial moms found that more than half of respondents (51%) find themselves unable to enjoy a meal if dishes are looming over them. Two-thirds of the moms studied can't even go to sleep unless their kitchen is clean. Yet, the average sink has five dirty dishes at any one time. While 80% said they feel calmer when they clean their dishes immediately, the reality starkly differs. The study conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Dawn Powerwash Dish Spray, found 72% of respondents admit their kitchens have become significantly messier. Sixty-nine percent admitted that their sink has dirty dishes in it more often than not - significantly contributing to their overall stress. When you add up all the dishware needed to cook and consume three meals a day, it's no surprise that Procter and Gamble found that more than 500 billion dishes have been washed in the U.S. in the past 90 days alone. Four in five moms surveyed say they feel calmer when they clean their dishes immediately instead of delaying the chore for later. Three in four moms reported feeling reduced mental burden and anxiety if they have the dishes clean before they even sit down to enjoy a meal. Sixty-seven percent of those surveyed say they choose to clean their dishes as they cook in hopes of finding a sense of peace. With overwhelming feelings of stress caused by their endless, unavoidable list of household chores, 71% of moms seek out a sense of peace and calm in their lives. But why are moms avoiding certain household chores? It turns out, more than half (53%) say they have too many other things they need to do. Over the past six months, 61% of moms say household chores have taken a backseat due to other responsibilities, such as work and childcare — especially those with children in virtual school. Thirty-five percent of respondents reported avoiding household chores because they are way too time-consuming. Thirty-one percent say the chores they avoid are a lower priority for them, while one in five say household chores are too difficult for them to do. "Moms are constantly juggling a slew of different responsibilities and have, quite literally, a lot on their plate. They're looking for ways to ease the burden of making sure all their responsibilities are taken care of, while also having time to spend with their families," stated Dawn Senior Scientist Morgan Brashear. Unfortunately, 69% of those surveyed said they simply don't have time to get everything done around the house. Sadly, moms aren't even spending as much time with their kids as they'd like. Sixty-nine percent feel guilty spending time in the kitchen instead of with their family. Brashear added, "Dawn Powerwash Dish Spray makes it easier to tackle the looming tower of dishes in the sink. Now, with a simple spray, wipe, rinse, the dreaded chore of dishes is faster and easier than ever. Moms can finally begin to lift the stress of the mess and get out of the kitchen faster and back to what matters most in life."