Moon Glows with Earthshine Over Italian Citadel (Photos)

The moon rises with the brilliant glow of earthshine over a citadel along the Arno River in Pisa, Italy in these beautiful images recently sent to

Amateur astronomer and photographer Giuseppe Petricca of Pisa, Italy, took these images on March 3 as the 2.5 percent lit moon hanged low in the sky roughly one hour after sunset. Petricca used a Nikon Coolpix P90 Bridge on tripod (ISO 100, f5.0). Exposition times varied as the photographer adapted the shots to the incoming darkness.

"Yesterday evening was surely an amazing one," Petricca wrote in an email at the time.

"With the passing of time, the earthshine appeared as one would forecast with this phase and this perfectly clear sky—making definitely an awesome sight and wonderful combination with the earth and the sky, the nature and the buildings of mankind." [Spectacular Night Sky Photos for April 2014 (Gallery)]

The phenomenon called "earthshine" happens when sunlight reflects off the Earth and shines onto the moon. A crescent moon is between a new moon and a half moon.

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