Moonbreaker, the digital miniatures game from Subnautica developer Unknown Worlds, has released


Super unique digital miniatures game Moonbreaker has launched out of early access and into 1.0 as of this week, releasing its skirmish combat and painting fun with a whole stack of updates, tweaks, and new features. The highlight for many is a new single-player experience, Boss Run Mode, that takes you through 10 rounds of battle on four new maps to unlock the game's lore via big battles with nasty boss opponents.

Along with that came a few new commanders and twelve new crew units to take, as well as a healthy pile of new unique cosmetics and such to unlock in the continued rewards track for 1.0.

The 1.0 release also updated the painting aspect of Moonbreaker with a refreshed UI and new tools like stencils and masking liquids to let you paint up them little guys way better than before.

The three new captains to lead your crew all sound pretty interesting. Two fo them, Feng Huang and Saveri, specialize in solo combat. Feng Huang as a tougher, mobile expert in explosions, and Saveri as a disarming and outmaneuvering duelist. The third, Sol'Aeturn, drops electrifying and dangerous attacks while pestering the enemy with ranged shots.

Moonbreaker is a pretty weird and interesting game, a pretty straightforward translation of a tabletop miniatures skirmish game into a digital form, complete with miniatures painting and army customization. It's a real attempt to mimic the experience of tabletop gaming within the form factor of digital games—and a pretty convincing one, for many.

You can find Moonbreaker on Steam, where it's $30, but on a 25% off sale until February 8. You can read the full details of the 1.0 release on the Moonbreaker website.