Moooving in: Cattle Make Themselves at Home on Houston Lawn

A resident of Houston, Texas, was shocked when she opened her front door to find a small herd of cows grazing under the trees on her lawn on July 10, as record high temperatures hit the region.

Rosalind Hobgood told Storyful that she was getting ready to take a nap when she saw a white cow pass her side window.

As she walked over to open the front door, she saw three more cows walking around her lawn.

“He turned my table over. Go! Go! Go somewhere! Bye!” she is heard yelling in footage recorded by her doorbell camera.

The temperature reached 102 degrees Fahrenheit on July 10, and Hobgood said her neighbors sympathized with the cows and gave them water while they waited for police to arrive.

Police eventually followed the herd through a park, according to local media.

Storyful reached out to the Houston Police Department for comment but had not yet heard back at the time of writing. Credit: Rosalind Hobgood via Storyful

Video transcript


- Ya!

- Hey, I'll post it on the neighborhood app. [INAUDIBLE]

- Hey, go somewhere. Go!


- Go!

- You need to walk, you too. Go! Go! Bye!

- Here come some more people. [INAUDIBLE] home or something.

- He done turned my table over. Go! Go! Go somewhere. Bye.

- [INAUDIBLE] last night [INAUDIBLE].

- Come get your cattle, Rick.


- She's saying, come get the cattle, Rick.

- Go! Go home.


- Go!


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