More than 100 workers killed in landslide at jade mine in Myanmar

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More than 100 workers have been killed after a landslide at a jade mine in Myanmar.

The miners were engulfed by a terrifying wave of mud after heavy rain throughout the night and morning.

Footage shows the deadly landslide moving across the mine valley.

It was one of the worst accidents in the country's history of jade mining, which is lucrative but highly dangerous.

The Myanmar Fire Services Department said the disaster happened close to the Chinese border in Kachin state.

'The miners were smothered by a wave of mud'

Rescue workers had retrieved at least 113 bodies by noon with operations suspended due to heavy rain.

The fire service said in a statement: ''The miners were smothered by a wave of mud.''

Police said that owners of the mine had ignored warnings not to work during the rainy weather due to the risk of landslides.

Jade is one of the world's most precious stones and is sought-after in neighbouring China. Myanmar is the world's biggest producer.