More Than 11,000 High-Def Photos From Apollo Moon Missions Now On Flickr

Thousands of images from NASA’s Apollo missions to the moon have been uploaded to Flickr for public viewing.

Along with high-resolution images from the historic Apollo 11 moon landing in which Neil Armstrong became the first man to set foot on the moon, the Project Apollo Archive includes thousands of never-seen-before images. 

Apollo 17: Eugene Cernan (the last man on the moon) and Harrison Schmitt

The photos are neatly arranged by mission, and split into separate films, including every single frame that was shot - even the bad ones.

The photos offer a fascinating glimpse into NASA’s moon missions and six lunar landings that took place during the ’60s and 70s’.

Apollo 14: Alan Shepard shields his eyes from the sun

While all of the images originate from NASA, ‘Project Apollo Archive’ is not the work of the American space agency but was in fact an independent undertaking.

Kipp Teague created the archive back in 1999 as an online reference source for the American space agency’s manned lunar landing programme.

Apollo 16: John Young on the penultimate moon landing

Most of the photos have been publicly available before but never all gathered together in the same place.

Many of the earlier photos were taken with high quality medium format Hasselblad cameras - some of which still remain on the lunar surface - while later images were taken on 35mm film with space-modified Nikon D-SLR cameras.

The impressive online archive now sports more than 11,000 photos, all of which have been uploaded as high-resolution 1,800dpi images.