More than 50 people including baby in pram in 'unbelievable' rescue from Morecambe Bay tide

Silverdale beach in Morecambe Bay
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More than 50 people were rescued from a rapidly incoming tide in Morecambe Bay over bank holiday weekend.

Teams from Bay Search and Rescue were scrambled on Friday (May 24) in the Silverdale area. There had been reported a woman and child were in difficulty in the water.

A lifeboat was launched at Arnside, but the pair were warned off by a RNLI representative armed with a microphone. According to eyewitnesses, they had reached the shore "covered in sand and mud" and had headed toward the Silverdale Hotel.

On Saturday (May 25), around 50 people almost became trapped at Silverdale, as the tide quickly filled a channel in front of them. Incoming water also began to cut them off from behind.


The same crew of four rescue workers took a boat to the bay and 'constantly' used the horn to warn the public of the oncoming danger. Among these were a family with a buggy containing two toddlers.

Following the rescue, a representative for the Bay Search and Rescue team issued a warning over rapidly-changing conditions for anyone enjoying the beach during hot weather. The tide runs into Silverdale around three hours before high water.

A lifeboat was launched at Arnside -Credit:James Maloney/Lancs Live
A lifeboat was launched at Arnside -Credit:James Maloney/Lancs Live

A spokesperson for the team said: "I can hardly believe this but fifty-plus people [were] out on the bay near the water's edge as the tide again quietly but sneakily filled the channel in front of the, and around the back of them too."

They added: "Our crew made quick work of arriving on scene, encountered a family with a baby in a buggy, two toddlers, and mum and dad, heading in the general direction of the Isle of Man unaware that within a few short minutes they would be swimming for it never mind walking.

"As we approached continually blasting on the vehicle horn from three or four hundred metres away, we gained their attention and gave them a safe line to high-tail it back to safety.

"Also working from above the Bays very own drone was scouring the area for anyone cut off. Our drone is a phenomenal asset as it has both a two hundred times zoom lens, and also thermal imaging capability’s, it is a true eye in the sky.

"Please be careful, the Bay can be one of the most beautiful but dangerous places in the world so treat it with respect as it bites. Remember the tide runs into the bay three hours before high water so get off in plent of time.

"If you see anyone in danger around our coast simply dial 999 and speak to the Coastguard they will get the most appropriate team out."