More Buildings in Gaza City Targeted Amid Continuing Airstrikes

The MSDR News Network posted this footage overnight on May 18, described as showing heavy shelling in western parts of Gaza City, as Israeli strikes against the enclave continued.

The Times of Israel reported that the Israel Defense Forces carried out waves of attacks in Gaza, dropping more than 100 bombs on 65 targets.

The Palestinian news agency WAFA said Israeli warplanes launched dozens of airstrikes across Gaza on Tuesday morning.

The Gaza health ministry said on Tuesday that the number of deaths there over the past nine days had risen to at least 213, including at least 61 children. At least 1,442 people had been injured in Gaza, the health ministry said.

The Israel Defense Forces said at least 10 Israelis, including two children, had been killed. Credit: MSDR News Network via Storyful

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