Five more classified documents found in Biden family home

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Five additional pages of classified material have been found at Joe Biden's family home in Delaware, the White House said Saturday in a new twist in a politically sensitive affair for the president.

These pages, dating from Biden's time as Barack Obama's vice president, were found after White House lawyer Richard Sauber visited the home Thursday, he said in a statement.

Sauber said he made the trip to oversee the transfer to the Justice Department of a first batch of documents found on Wednesday.

Presidential lawyers searching the garage at the Delaware home found a document marked classified in the garage.

>> More classified documents found in the garage of Biden’s home

As these attorneys lacked the necessary security clearance to read it, they notified the Justice Department, Sauber said.

A 1978 law obliges US presidents and vice presidents to hand over their emails, letters and other official documents to the National Archives.

Sauber said he does have the necessary security clearance so he went to the Delaware house and, in transferring the earlier documents to Justice Department officials, found the other five pages.

Other papers had been found earlier at Biden's former office at a Washington think tank.

Amid rising furor over the discoveries in Washington, US Attorney General Merrick Garland named an independent prosecutor to investigate Biden's handling of classified documents.


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