More than half of Americans agree outdoor barbecues are the ideal venue for summer gatherings

The nation's indoor dining rooms may be open again, but new research suggests that Americans still prefer for their family reunions to take place around the grill. In a recent survey of 2,006 respondents, more than half (51%) highlighted outdoor barbecues as an ideal venue for socializing this summer. Meanwhile, only 38% said the same of restaurants, and even fewer (34%) opted for their own dining room table. Altogether, 47% of respondents used cookouts to catch up on news from friends and family — agreeing that the grill is the non-work equivalent of the office water cooler. Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Bush's® Beans, the survey also found that 72% of those polled have created lasting memories around the grill in the past. And 42% want to create even more, by attending more barbecues than they usually would this summer.

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