More Spitting Image puppets unveiled ahead of the show’s return

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Spitting Image will return to TV screens with more than 100 puppets – including a new-look Charles and Camilla, as well as Michael Gove and Dominic Raab.

Creators have promised a Who’s Who of famous faces in puppet form, such as the Queen, Kim Kardashian and even a “Boris Baby”.

The satirical puppet show, which was watched by 15 million viewers in its heyday, will return on October 3 with a 10-week series on BritBox.

A Michael Gove Spitting Image puppet
A Michael Gove Spitting Image puppet (Mark Harrison/BritBox/Avalon)

New images of a grinning Prince of Wales with the Duchess of Cornwall have been released before the show returns.

Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove appears with puffed-out cheeks, while Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab is shown karate-kicking in a nod to his black belt.

Producers previously unveiled images of Boris Johnson, his chief adviser Dominic Cummings and the Duke of York ahead of the show’s comeback.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab as a Spitting Image puppet
Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab as a Spitting Image puppet (Mark Harrison/BritBox/Avalon)
Boris Johnson in Spitting Image
Boris Johnson in Spitting Image (Mark Harrison/BritBox/Avalon/PA)

Spitting Image co-creator Roger Law is back on board for the series.

He quipped: “Everything the team have done on the new Spitting Image shows – the caricatures, puppets and satirical gags – have all been done in the public interest, as Boris might say: ‘Pro bono publico.’

“It’s time to come off furlough!” he said of the show’s return.

“The people have spoken and the puppets are ‘oven ready’.

Melania and Donald Trump in puppet form
Melania Trump and US president Donald Trump in puppet form for the new series of Spitting Image (Avalon/BritBox/Mark Harrison)

“We’re going to take back control from the likes of Boris, Cummings, Trump, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

“There will be tongue-lashings from our weather girl, Greta Thunberg, you’ll be knocked out by Tyson Fury and dazzled and amazed by Beyonce and Herr Jurgen Klopp.”

Previous incarnations of the show famously featured Margaret Thatcher in a man’s suit treating her cabinet – “the vegetables” – with contempt. It also featured John Major as a grey puppet, and the Queen Mother slugging from a gin bottle.

The Spitting Images puppet of Dominic Cummings
The Spitting Image puppet of Dominic Cummings (Mark Harrison/BritBox/Avalon)

Puppets this time will include Adele, Barack Obama, Brad Pitt, Cristiano Ronaldo, Donald Trump and even “Covid-19”.

Ed Sheeran, Sir Elton John, Greta Thunberg, Gwyneth Paltrow, Harry Styles and the Duchess of Sussex are among the other names who will feature in puppet form.

Jeff Westbrook, whose credits include The Simpsons and Futurama, is leading the new writing team.

Producers said scripts are being written and new puppets made as close to each episode as possible.

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