Will There Be More X Movies After MaXXXine? Mia Goth And Ti West Talk ‘Sticking The Landing’ And More

 Mia Goth's Maxine Minx reassuring herself in "MaXXXine." .
Credit: A24

The wait is over, horror fans! MaXXXine, which was one of the most highly anticipated entries on the upcoming horror movies list has arrived. The film, which has been promoted as the final installment in Ti West's X trilogy, is stirring up some buzz across social media. Though it's still early, considering the slasher flick just landed on the 2024 movie schedule, some may be wondering if there could there be more movies from this franchise in the future. Well, lead star Mia Goth and West spoke to that notion while also talking about “sticking the landing” with this threequel.

In the recently released MaXXXine, titular aspiring actress and former adult film star Maxine Minx (Mia Goth) finally sees her big break on the silver screen in the 1980s. Her journey, which began with surviving a bloody massacre in the 2022 film X, culminates in this thrilling conclusion. So how does the franchise star feel about the series’ conclusion? According to her, it's all very “bittersweet.” As Goth tells it to Variety:

It’s bittersweet. It’s been such a journey. It’s been such a roller coaster. It really snowballed into something that I don’t think anyone had anticipated. I’m so proud of this work and it’s something that I’ll cherish forever.

Ti West, the writer-director behind the trilogy, echoed his collaborator's sentiments. The filmmaker also added:

I’m ready for a nap. I feel like we stuck the landing.

This sentiment is understandable, given the intense journey they've been on. For those unfamiliar with the X series' unique production, Ti West and Mia Goth have been immersed in these characters since 2022. They filmed X and Pearl back-to-back before moving on to MaXXXine. After such a demanding schedule, they’ve certainly earned any rest and free time they want before considering another project in this fictional universe.

While horror movie fans might assume that the filmmaker's and star's recent comments signal the end of the burgeoning franchise, not so fast. Ti West was asked about a fourth movie recently and said during another interview that he’s leaving the door open for more stories. He mentioned that his idea for a follow-up could “play into these movies,” though he didn’t specify whether we would see a return of Miss Minx. So who knows? Perhaps this trilogy is the end of the road for Mia Goth’s turn in the series, or maybe there are more surprises to come.

With MaXXXine now playing in theaters, fans and critics are left to ponder the future of the X franchise. While both the director and leading lady have hinted that this might be the end, the unpredictable nature of Hollywood, and the horror genre in particular, leaves room for speculation. For now, audiences can revel in the thrilling conclusion of a trilogy that has redefined modern horror and is now playing in a theater near you.

You can revisit the first two installments of Ti West’s innovative horror franchise by buying or renting X from your preferred movie provider and streaming Pearl with a Prime Video subscription.