Morgan Wade Reveals Plans for Preventative Double Mastectomy After Genetic Testing

The country singer, 28, said she'll undergo a double mastectomy in November

<p> Keith Griner/Getty Images</p> Morgan Wade

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Morgan Wade

Morgan Wade revealed she is undergoing a preventative double mastectomy in the fall.

The country singer, 28, recently spoke to the New York Post's Page Six about her decision to have the procedure after doing genetic testing last year and learning she has a mutation of her RAD51D gene.

Everyone has two copies of the RAD51D gene, which is inherited from each parent. A mutation in one copy of the gene can increase the chance for an individual to develop certain types of cancer in their lifetime.

"I had the RAD51D gene, it's a breast cancer gene so I'm having a double mastectomy in November," Wade told the outlet. "I'm going really hard up until November so then November and December I have off to rest."

"I'm feeling fine, I'm just pissed I won't be able to work out because I really like working out," she said, noting that she works out seven days a week. "That's my only qualm about it."

"My mom had it, and my little cousin is going to get it, but I'll be fine," the "Wilder Days" singer added.

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<p> Keith Griner/Getty Images</p> Morgan Wade

Keith Griner/Getty Images

Morgan Wade

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After sharing the news on Instagram Tuesday, Wade posted a few facts from nonprofit FORCE about the mutation.

Women with a RAD51D mutation have a 20-40% lifetime risk for breast cancer, according to the organization. Women who test positive for the mutation also have about a 10-20% lifetime risk for ovarian, fallopian tube or primary peritoneal cancer.

The singer then shared her appreciation for the kind messages she’s received since announcing the news.

"Thank you all so much for the love. I feel so blessed to have so much support. ❤️ to those of you who are upset (I don't understand why) that I am taking preventative measures - please don't waste your time," Wade wrote. "I want a long healthy life. That's why I’m doing this."

"I am not excited to chop off parts of my body. I am not excited to be laying in a bed for a bit recovering. But I am happy to know that after November I will have peace of mind," she added. "I am in the hands of a great doctor / plastic surgeon. I am thankful for detecting this now. Much love to you all ❤️."

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