This Morning's Phil isn't convinced by 'Earth angels'

Sam Warner

From Digital Spy

This Morning met three women who claimed they were 'Earth angels' on today's (May 23) show, and it seems the hosts were missing out on their own potential too.

Michelle Gordon, Sarah Rebecca Vine and Ruth Bradshaw appeared on the programme to talk about their lives as the angelic beings.

What are they though? Well, the trio explained they had "previous lives and existences" as "fairies, angels, mermaids, aliens", and that they had come to "help" people and "raise the good vibes on the planet".

However, when Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield asked how they could spot an angel, they were both told that they, in fact, are angels too.

"We are... are we now?" Phil said, slightly sceptically.

"Anyone who's got an angelic influence looks like an angel," they explained. "Philip has definitely got an element." Well, we all knew that.

Phil wasn't convinced, however, telling them: "I think all three of you are absolutely lovely, you're calming, you're lovely people, But, say I am an earth angel... I'm a massive sceptic."

One of them then admitted she thought it was "mental" at first, though Phil admitted he didn't "feel like an angel".

The trio later told Holly that her cat Bluebell was an angel, much to her delight, though the interview wrapped up as Phil declared there was a "golden staircase" to ascend to speak to their next guest. Oh Phil, you cheeky man.

Viewers at home were (unsurprisingly) not convinced either, with many laughing at Phil's facial reactions throughout the interview.