This Morning chat goes VERY awkward over Weinstein

Laurence Mozafari
Photo credit: ITV

From Digital Spy

This Morning's interview with Spectre and Inglorious Basterds star Christoph Waltz took an awkward turn as presenter Eamonn Holmes pressed him on the ongoing controversy about Harvey Weinstein's alleged sexual misconduct.

Christoph Waltz was actually there to promote his upcoming film Downsizing, which features Matt Damon.

Photo credit: Paramount

Eamonn quizzed the 61-year-old actor on whether he was aware of unfolding stories of Weinstein's sexual harassment allegations from various actresses.

Waltz said: "How can you not be? I consider this something that I don't need to contribute my two cents worth, the situation I think is more than blatantly obvious.

"Anybody in his right mind would be repulsed by the behaviour, so if the thing speaks for itself, why should I add a voice?"

The actor was obviously looking to avoid discussing the topic, yet Eamonn decided to press onwards and asked if the actor was aware of the allegations made against the former head of The Weinstein Company.

Visibly perturbed, Waltz said: "He was one of the biggest players, you're asking the wrong person, I'm an old geezer."

Soon, the interview moved onto much lighter topics, but it didn't stop viewers from watching the interview from between their fingers.