This Morning fans 'fume' after Ben Shephard makes same 'rude' comment twice

Viewers tuning into This Morning were left a touch underwhelmed on Tuesday as prime-time presenters, Cat Deeley and Ben Shephard engaged in banter with guest Gina Sigobodhla.

The discussion revolved around Gina's comments about the 'vampire vaginal treatment,' which she credits for positively altering her life post-childbirth.

As the chat reached its conclusion, Ben posed an enquiry about whether her symptoms had dissipated since opting for the treatment. Answering truthfully, Gina informed: "To be honest, most of the symptoms have reduced."

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Gina expanded on this, confessing that she used to be forced awake at ungodly hours to visit the loo, a pattern that has thankfully been curtailed. Going further, she added, "You're waking up and you're still feeling quite tired and the dryness as well. I just feel that sensation has come back because I think it was after two to three months I started to feel something has actually changed."

Confiding her trust in her doctor, Gina told the hosts that she went into the procedure maintaining a sunny outlook and expecting nothing but the best. Bidding farewell to Gina and Dr Sarah Jenkins, however, Ben left listeners somewhat bemused with his parting remarks.

In his words: "Sounds like you've got your smile back and your husband, I'm sure is enjoying it as well. He's got his wife back, that must be really important for the two of you so thank you for sharing your story.", reports the Mirror.

His comment seemed to disconcert Gina who responded with a stinted giggle, before agreeing. Earlier, even prior to the live chat, Ben appeared to trivialise the process during a pre-show banter session with the Loose Women panel.

Coleen Nolan's cheeky reveal of a bizarre new tattoo left This Morning host Ben Shephard in hysterics. He quipped: "I'm assuming Coleen's new tattoo is of me? " In response, the Loose Women star made the studio audience collapse with laughter when she replied, "No, it's a vampire vagina! ".

Amid raucous laughing and clapping, Ben retorted with a playful jibe, asking: "Hold on, don't you have one of those already Coleen? " To which she came back with a swift punchline about her mysterious ink "It only comes out at night!"

However, while the on-air banter went down well in the studio, it did not impress all the at-home viewers who were also tuned in to take note of another guest's emotional story.As one disgruntled viewer stated firmly: "Poor woman doesn't look happy after they all just took the mickey."

Another was clearly irked by what had transpired, saying: "They're all laughing at that woman, bet she's sitting on the sofa thinking what have I done, why did I come on this show".

A different guest named Gina meanwhile recounted her traumatic experience from 2004 when severe complications led to a third-degree tear during the birth of her first child. In what turned into a deeply sad story, Gina went on to narrate how while pregnant with twins years later she was forced to undergo an emergency C-section at 27 weeks due to one twin's inadequate growth and her own preeclampsia and pulmonary blood clots. The small boy sadly died four months later.

Gina, after conceiving again, spoke candidly about her struggles with body image and ultimately sought out the "vampire vagina" treatment for solace. Dr Sara detailed the procedure, noting that minuscule Botox needles are employed to inject the patient's own blood into the clitoris and surrounding vaginal area to revitalise the skin.