This Morning hosts in shock as guest claims she 'swapped souls with an alien'

-Credit: (Image: ITV)
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

ITV's This Morning is known for having a diverse range of people from different backgrounds appearing on their show, but none was quite as fascinating - and controversial - as Kelly Tyler. The self-proclaimed alien or rather 'starseed', said she swapped souls with an extra-terrestrial being.

A new Harvard study claims that aliens may be secretly living on Earth with Kelly being one of them. Speaking to Ben Shephard and Cat Deeley this morning, Monday 17 June, the guest shared her story of how she transformed into a starseed.

Ben began the questioning and asked: "You can imagine the scepticism when we say something like aliens are living here, Kelly here claims to be an alien. Can you explain a little about why you feel you aren't just a human and you're from another planet?"

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"And it's something I wouldn't talk about generally because of that scepticism. And really I think starseeds are souls from another star system that have incarnated as humans. People say you look pretty human to me, you don't that six-foot, blue hair or whatever it is they see from sci-fi films.

"And really what happens is when you identify with a being, I like to say starseed rather than alien because there are too many stigmas attached to aliens with films that we see and there's a fear against aliens, and typically starseeds are here to help humanity. So when we incarnate as humans, we're here to really help humans remember what it's like to be humans and connect to their innateness, their natural senses rather than distract and go oh look at the inter-dimensions and other planets."

She continued: "Our role, Is not to make you look outside of humanity, it's to actually connect back to who you really were. And the connectedness on earth with nature, with animals, with ourselves."

"Most star seeds incarnate at birth, a soul is born as a star seed," claims Kelly, but revealed this was not the case for her. Kelly shared that she was a "sensitive child" she would have a bath with water and her skin would be blotchy, if she had strawberries her lips would swell, and preferred to interact with bugs than children.

She admitted her nan would catch her sitting at a park bench talking to "Tom" but no one was there. A confused cat interjected: "What did you see when you was talking to Tom."

Kelly admitted: "Tom was someone who was here before, he's passed over now. He looked like a real person, I would feel like I could touch him, he felt really normal to me [...] I developed contact with this being at the age of 7 at the bottom of my garden. He appeared as a light then he started to show himself more and we would just have a very comfortable telepathic relationship."

Continuing to speak on her special experience, Kelly shared: "About a year later I developed whooping cough and got really ill. I lost weight and the doctor said I wasn't going to make it. According to the NHS, Pertussis also known as whooping cough is a bacterial infection of the lungs and breathing tubes. It spreads very easily and can sometimes cause serious problems.

Revealing her extra-terrestrial transaction, she shared: "At that time myself and this being exchanged souls. This is what's called a walk-in. it's not a possession of somebody taking over. it's a mutual agreement, we decided to exchange souls so that's what happened, now I am a starseed or a star being."

A curious Ben asked where her soul went and Kelly replied: "The being that I know I had an exchange with is from Arcturus." Arcturus is the brightest star in the northern constellation of Boötes - According to, Boötes is the 13th largest constellation in the night sky and contains one of the brightest stars in the sky. Arcturus is 25 times larger than the sun and is about about 37 light-years away from Earth.

"I look back at my life, it feels like a photo album, I remember my sixth birthday but i don't have an emotional connection of being there, I don't have any emotional memory of being pre-eight years old. My personality and physicality changed," Kelly continued.

Kelly was in the hospital for 6 months but after the exchange, she lost all her allergies, she no longer had kidney failure and suggests her intellect changed. The doctors couldn't understand how Kelly recovered from whooping cough and deemed it as a "miracle."

A part of the soul exchange included the ability to Astro travel to different planets. "When I was younger I used to go to this blue quantum healing chamber in Arcturus and that was part of helping me get better." However, she was told to stop going as her "mission is on earth" so she now doesn't do it as much.

Concluding the segment Kelly shared a message to the viewers who may be in disbelief and said: "I don't want to break anyone's free will. If you don't believe in this, my purpose is not to convince you. My purpose is to help you connect with yourself and humanity."

According to This Morning, a poll revealed that 59 per cent of people do not believe that aliens are secretly living on Earth but 41 per cent say yes. Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, fans of the show quickly rushed to share their thoughts.

One person said: "Ben and Cat both with their fingers on their lips so they don't laugh. Men in white coats are waiting round the back for the alien lady. #thismorning." Another remarked: "Why do you allow these people airtime@thismorning? They obviously have issues that need addressing not promoting #thismorning." A third person quipped: "Worst episode of Doctor Who ever..."

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