This Morning: Phillip Schofield responds to criticism of energy bills Spin To Win game

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Phillip Schofield has responded after a clip of a This Morning call-in game resulted in widespread disapproval on social media.

On Monday’s (5 September) edition of ITV’s daily lifestyle programme, Schofield and co-host Holly Willoughby played a game “Spin To Win”, in which viewers can win a randomly selected prize from a wheel.

One of the new additions to the prize list, along with cash, was the programme covering the winner’s energy bills for four months as a way to help with the cost of living crisis.

Monday’s caller ultimately won the energy bills prize and audibly reacted with relief as he described dealing with his current bills as “absolutely murder”.

After the clip was uploaded online, thousands of people used social media to express shock that energy bill payment was being offered as a prize, with many calling the state of affairs “dystopian”.

On Tuesday’s (6 September) episode, Schofield appeared to address the conversation about the game while playing the day’s round. Along with household bills, cash prizes of £1,000 and £3,000 were available to win.

“I wonder how much of that they can complain about online,” he remarked, to which Willoughby chuckled.

Similarly, this comment has been met with criticism from some viewers.

‘This Morning’ play ‘Spin To Win’ with viewers (ITV)
‘This Morning’ play ‘Spin To Win’ with viewers (ITV)

“I mean, it’s bad enough to be making the fact that so many people will struggle to pay their energy bills into a game,” one viewer wrote on Twitter. “But then, to try throw shade on those rightly complaining about how disgusting it is? Shame on you.”

Another person wrote: “Completely tone deaf. This is beyond ignorant.”

The Independent has contacted ITV for comment.