This Morning star says she has spoken to ITV about return to show

Former This Morning host Fern Britton says she in talks with ITV producers about returning to the show after 15 years. The presenter, 66, says she has been approached by This Morning bosses in discussions about making a series of films for the show.

Speaking to Women & Home magazine, Fern said the talks came after a recent guest appearance. She said: "When my interview finished and I left the studio, I was approached by a [member of the] production team who said, 'Would you like to do some little films with us?'

"That conversation is yet to be had but those little four-minute films now and again? Perfect. If I could just do them in Cornwall, that would be even more perfect!

"So many of the team that I worked with are still there and it was a real trip down memory lane. It was wonderful to be close to people who meant a lot to me. The morning that I resigned, I'd not even thought of leaving the show, so I left behind a lot of good stuff and a lot of good friends, so [going back] was lovely."

Discussing what she wants to do next, Fern said: "Doing [TV] interviews would be the dream. I'd quite like to do something with politics. I'm not interested in party politics but politicians, and where the minds of those characters that we vote for are at.

"I don't mind what party they're up for, as long as they're speaking truly to the country to understand what's going on in the world, what a f***-up leaving Europe was and how they're desperately trying to cover up the terrible things that are happening because of that.

"Cat Deeley and Ben Shephard very much get my vote. It's very good to see Cat back. She's been in America, gaining more experience but to viewers, she's fresh.

"Fresh, female, more mature, experienced and very nice – she's got a lot going [for her] and Ben is simply 100% lovely."

The July issue of Woman & Home is on sale May 30.