This Morning's Alison Hammond gets sweet marriage proposal live on air

alison hammond gets marriage proposal itv
This Morning's Alison gets sweet marriage proposalITV

This Morning viewers were treated to a touching exchange between co-presenter Alison Hammond and special guest Louis today (September 22).

The moment stemmed from Allan Cockram – coach of Brentford Penguins, a football club for children with Down's Syndrome – introducing a couple of his players including Louis to Alison and Dermot O'Leary.

Clearly taking a shine to the new Great British Bake Off host, Louis stole the show by delivering some funny chat-up lines.

alison hammond gets marriage proposal itv

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"Do you live in Tennessee?" he asked, to which Alison replied: "No, I don't live in Tennessee..."

Smiling, Louis said: "Well, you're the only 10 that I see! I've got some more chat-up lines. Have you just come out of the oven? Because you look hot!"

Alison couldn't get enough of the youngster's energy, laughing and clapping her hands.

"Thanks, Louis! You're the best!" she stated, which led to a cuddle and Louis to respond: "You are so hot. I just love you! Will you marry me?"

"Yes!" the presenter yelled. "Ahh, you're so lovely."

alison hammond, this morning

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Meanwhile, ex-Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Cockram's pride in his team was there for all to see.

"All these amazing kids have different needs and this became something bigger than I ever dreamed of," he said. "What you see is what you get and I have an open-door policy, I haven't turned away any kid.

"We have 32 kids now, and we train every Sunday morning and it's a special place for the parents to come and connect too. It's a special community. I struggle at times, because I think the kids give me more than I give them."

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