This Morning's Holly and Phil laugh at awkward malfunction with Andrew Castle

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This Morning's Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield tried not to giggle too much as their guest Andrew Castle suffered a slight technical malfunction on the show today.

Hosts Holly and Phil were speaking with Andrew and fellow broadcaster Matthew Wright about the current coronavirus restrictions via video links from their respective homes. Andrew was sharing his thoughts on whether the public were following the restrictions as advised by the government, which he argued still weren't concise enough.

"I think there is confusion and I think there is still mixed messaging... If you have 40 people turning up at a funeral, as far as I understand it, of they're in the same family, is that OK?" the TV star began, while accidentally turning his camera around so that he was out shot and all Holly, Phil and Matthew could see was his kitchen.

Not realising his mistake, Andrew continued: "There are other elements as well that I'm slightly confused about. If I'm out walking with my family and we're isolating together..." As Holly and Phil tried to refrain from smiling, Phil finally interrupted Andrew and laughed: "Andrew, you've turned your camera around..."

At the moment, Andrew's daughter came rushing in to readjust it for him.

"Sorry about that!" Andrew replied. "I have my lovely assistant Georgina to help me."

Phil couldn't resist in quipping: "Thank god there wasn't anyone sitting naked on the other side of the kitchen."

Photo credit: ITV

Just as the show appeared to back on track, Andrew's camera went blurry, so that his face became obscured on the screen.

"What have you done now?!" Phil teased.

Photo credit: ITV

As Holly and Matthew laughed, Phil added:"This is like a comedy show now!"

Fans were loving the light relief, and so were we.

Meanwhile, it happens to be Phillip's birthday today, and the star celebrated in style earlier this morning with a Caterpillar cake.

Many Happy Returns, Phil!

This Morning airs on weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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