'This Morning's' Phillip Schofield makes cheeky innuendo during penis fillers segment

This Morning left viewers in tears of laughter after host Phillip Schofield made an X-rated innuendo during the show.

The ITV daytime show featured guest Stuart Price who underwent a procedure to enlarge his manhood by having fillers injected into his penis.

As the interview got underway, the guest spoke about his reasons for going through with it before explaining what the procedure, which cost £3,800, actually entailed.

“I felt a little prick at the start of the procedure..,” Stuart said whilst sitting next to his girlfriend.

Seizing the opportunity to have a little fun, Schofield responded: “And significantly bigger by the end of it.”

The cheeky innuendo didn’t go unnoticed by anyone in the studio as Rochelle Humes giggled alongside Stuart, his girlfriend Carys Tedstone and Dr Ranj, who was onside to share his medical point of view.

As the hosts quickly composed themselves, viewers watching the interview took to Twitter to express how funny they found Schofield’s quip.

However, Price also caused a few giggles when he declared: “I’ve got a real Welsh rarebit, haven’t I?”

The interview also saw Stuart’s girlfriend Carys reveal that Stuart didn’t tell her he was having the procedure.

“He didn’t tell me. I’d been with him for about three months and he kept it from me about a week, two weeks before he had the procedure done. I was shocked because there was nothing wrong with his size,” she told the hosts.

“But it’s up to him. He’s more vibrant and he wants to flaunt himself now.”

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