Morocco: A YouTuber films a taxi driver scamming him at Marrakesh airport

© Simon Wilson.

A Marrakesh taxi driver had his license revoked and was taken into custody for fraud after a viral video showed him intentionally scamming a British tourist. The case has led to renewed measures taken at the Marrakesh airport to warn tourists of scams and swindling schemes that are common in the Moroccan city.

As Morocco faced Portugal in the quarter-finals of the World Cup on December 10, Welsh Youtuber Simon Wilson decided to travel to Morocco to watch the game with Moroccan fans. He filmed his trip in a vlog, a video blog dedicated to travel on his Youtube channel with more than one million subscribers.

Arriving at Marrakech airport, Simon Wilson took a taxi to Jemaa el Fnaa square in the city centre, where Moroccan fans had gathered. The driver told him that the fare, which would take 20 minutes, would be "325 dirhams (about 29 euros) and added: "If you give me 350 dirhams (about 31 euros) that would be generous of you."

The filmed exchange ends with Simon Wilson paying the driver the sum of 350 dirhams, before expressing his doubts out loud: "It was only a 20-minute drive, and what's that, about 35 euros?" Indeed, the prices for trips from the airport to the city centre are set at 70 dirhams (6 euros) for small vehicles and 105 dirhams (9.4 euros) for vans.

The story might have ended there if the British YouTuber had not posted a more detailed excerpt of his exchange with the driver on Tik Tok on December 20. This video, which has garnered more than three million views, attracted the attention of the local authorities in the Marrakesh-Safi region.

The FRANCE 24 Observers team contacted Simon Wilson for comment but has not yet received a response.

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