'Morons who destroyed Stanton Park sculptures should be ashamed of themselves'

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Vandals have again attacked Darren Tilley's  wooden carvings at Stanton Park
Vandals have again attacked Darren Tilley's wooden carvings at Stanton Park

THE third attack in a year on Stanton Park's striking wooden carvings dismayed and angered Adver readers.

Sculptor Darren Tilley's artworks, including figures of Neptune and Triton, were favourites with families who visit the beauty spot.

But last week Triton was found beheaded again and the sea creatures that adorned a fallen tree were snapped off, burnt and broken.

Here's what readers said on our social media about the vandalism...

Marta Bauwow: "Unbelievable! Stanton Park is a wonderful place. First beehives and now these beautiful sculptures .... Why are some people so mean? I am angry and sad at the same time."

Matt Scott: "Was so upset seeing this when we were there last weekend.

Lucy Maull: "Lots of angry, despondent folk out there right now."

Carol Glidewell: "What did the morons get out of it? I hope someone steals or vandalises something of theirs in time, a car maybe or something they take pride in. Bet the parents are so proud of them."

Alex Robinson: "I think it threatens their masculinity."

Hannah Bland: "Yeah we saw that yesterday such a shame, who would do such a thing?"

Lou Henley: "Who ever has done this and if your reading this, you're absolutely disgusting.

That's someone's hard work for people to look at and enjoy walks around, no respect at all you horrible person

Chris Cox: "Went there in the week my two girls were very disappointed and a bit upset to see them all broken."

Marie Peaple: "The time and effort Darren Tilley put into creating that sculpture for free of charge! For everyone that visits Stanton Park to enjoy, it's disgraceful. Whoever destroyed this should be ashamed of themselves."

Becky Murphy: "Makes me so mad. What’s the point of even doing this. Spoils it for everyone else."

Sophie Mayes: "I'm so upset. Someone's spent hours creating those just for some thick degenerates to destroy them."

Julie Evans: "Why, just why?"

Susan Shewry: "Gutted that anyone could do this."

Sammi Bench: "This makes my blood boil! I hope who ever did this karma gets them good!

Doreen Dunning: "Some people don't like nice things its a shame."

Liz Dakin: "My grandchildren love a visit to Stanton Park and look forward to seeing the sculptures every time.

"Shame on the thugs that have destroyed these, hope they are caught and punished."