Morrisons selling 'brilliant' £10 meat pack which shoppers say can make 10 meals

Morrisons £10 meat packs
-Credit: (Image: Morrisons)

Bargain hunters are rushing to their local Morrisons store to snap up a 'brilliant' meat pack which has returned as part of the supermarket's 125th birthday celebrations. The £10 Market Street Meat Pack is always a sell-out in Morrisons' stores. The bumper pack includes four burgers, 600g of lean pork loin, 400g of chuck steak and six sausages.

Families have been raving about the the pack on social media - with some saying they've been able to make up to 10 meals from it, as reported by Manchester Evening News. One said: "It does a lot of dinners for me. Like I'd have two sausages in a bun with a egg, or one burger bun etc. I can get about 10 meals from one."

Another posted: "These are brilliant. I split mine and we've had the burgers and the steaks so far. Lovely."

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A third shopper wrote: "Bought one the week before last and so far we have had five meals for two people and still have some burgers and steak left, such good value for money."

And another added: "As a single mum and son, I'm stocking up three of these, will feed us a month. I'll break up the burgers for a bolognaise. Another night burgers, pork stir-fry, pork and mash, steak baguettes, sausage and mash, sausage casserole, lots of meals to be made."

Morrisons say it has worked closely with British farmers for the last 125 years, with each product carefully selected by Morrisons Market Street Butchers - and is freshly prepared each day in stores for customers.

Amber Haigh, trade planning specialist at Morrisons, said: "Reaching 125 years is a big milestone and we wanted to celebrate it in a way that honours our dedication to quality food and farming. Each pack has been hand selected by our expert farmers and butchers and we hope customers can enjoy their own celebrations with family and friends, with something for everyone in the bundle."

Morrisons Birthday Meat Pack is available in stores nationwide from now until Sunday, June 30.