Moskva crew ‘seen for first time since Russian warship sank’

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Moskva crew ‘seen for first time since Russian warship sank’

The Russian defence ministry have now published images apparently of the crew members from the sunken Moskva.

It is the first time the crew have reportedly been seen since the ship sank.

Russian admitted its flagship warship had sunk after an ammunition explosion. Ukrainian defence chiefs said it hit the ship with neptune anti-ship missiles.

Russia has claimed all 500 crew members were rescued on Wednesday. Ukrainian officials have said some of those onboard died including the ship’s captain.

Now Russia’s defence ministry has released a 26-second video claiming to show the head of the Russian navy Admiral Nikolai Yevmenov meeting with the crew members.

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Around 100 sailors in uniform from the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea fleet could be seen on a parade ground lined up for the meeting.

It is not known when the meeting took place.

On Friday, British defence chiefs said Russia is likely to review its maritime posture in the Black Sea in the wake of the incident.

Russia has suffered damage to two key naval assets - the Moskva and Alligator-class landing ship Saratov - since invading Ukraine, London’s Ministry of Defence said.

“Both events will likely lead Russia to review its maritime posture in the Black Sea,” it said.

The Moskva sank (REUTERS)
The Moskva sank (REUTERS)

The Soviet-era Moskva was one of only three Slava-class cruisers in the Russian navy.

“Originally commissioned in 1979, the Moskva had completed an extensive refit designed to improve its capability and only returned to operational status in 2021,” the Ministry of Defence said.

On Thursday, Western officials said the damage to the flagship warship was another sign of Russian incompetence.

“In terms of credibility for Russian forces it’s an enormous loss regardless of how it’s happened,” they said.

“Whether it’s as a consequence of ineptitude on board or an attack by Ukrainian forces. Regardless of how it’s happened, it’s a massive blow for Russian credibility. I think that’s why we’re seeing conflicting Russian narratives in that space.

“Because either they’ve been vulnerable to an attack by Ukrainians, and that questions their competence, or they have had a fire on board a capital ship, which has then resulted in detonation of its magazine, where its ammunition is stored, and that is just another bit of incompetence.”

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