'Most Adorable Bear Cub Ever' Plays With Ball in Tiny Pool

An adorable bear cub was filmed playing with a ball in a tiny pool at a wildlife refuge in Yolosa, Bolivia.

Video posted by Gosia Zdziechowska on her Polish Dr Dolittle YouTube channel shows the Andean bear cub named Chojnita at La Senda Verde animal refuge. Zdziechowska called the creature “the most adorable bear cub ever”.

Zdziechowska told Storyful the bear cub was rescued after her mother was killed during illegal trafficking activities. She said that Chojnita had been found weak, malnourished, and infested with jigger fleas, a parasitic insect found in most tropical climates.

According to Wildlife Conservation Society Peru, Andean bears are the only bear species in South America, and have been “constantly threatened” due to changes in territory use and hunting by humans. Credit: Polish Dr Dolittle via Storyful

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