The most British thing? Woman who noticed her garden furniture in her neighbour's garden twice POLITELY asks for it back

A woman who TWICE noticed her garden furniture was in her neighbour's garden dealt with it in the most British way possible - and politely asked for it back.

Lia Hatzakis, 29, a Youtuber, from near Warwick, spotted her recently acquired garden table set was incomplete - with two chairs mysteriously missing.

Lia initially thought they had been accidentally broken by builders and removed in the aftermath.

But then she claims she later spotted her neighbour sat on her garden chairs and her "jaw dropped". Their gardens are separated by a fence.

Her partner, Achillea Kyriakou, 35, retrieved the missing chairs through a shared alleyway, she said.

But soon after, Lia noticed the chairs were missing for a second time and decided to record what happened.

In the video - posted to her TikTok account - Lia filmed herself as she discovered the moment her chairs were in her next door neighbour's garden, again.

"I looked in the garden and the guy was just sat on it!" she said.

Lia can be seen asking her neighbour for the chairs back, who promptly agrees.

She said: "Hiya, excuse me, I noticed that my garden furniture is there, could I have it back?"

In the video, the man claimed someone else had taken the furniture, and added: "I woke up one morning and they were just there."

Lia said she decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

The video went viral on TikTok, amassing over 2.5 million views. Lia says she has had plenty of people commenting on the polite interaction.

She added: "There were loads of Americans watching the video saying 'this is the most British reaction I've ever seen to asking for furniture back.'"